Tuesday, October 4, 2022

ANNOUNCEMENTS: October 4, 2022

During the week of October 3rd-October 7th, we will be raising funds for cancer awareness. If you feel led, please purchase for $5 an In Memory of or In Honor Of  tag to hang in the front office.  You may purchase them from Mrs. Emmerson.  This is our only October fundraiser, so we greatly appreciate your support.  Thank you for joining us in finding a cure.

Fashion Club will be having our call-out meeting on Thursday, October 6th during AL. Students who would like to go will need to make an e-Hallpass appointment to Mrs. McCann before AL on Thursday.

The Tabletop Gaming Club is having their next meeting this week, on Thursday, October 6th.

Meeting: Oct. 6, during AL
Location: Main Cafeteria
Sponsor: Ms. Wood 
Passes: Come get a PAPER pass from 1062 if you missed the callout meeting

Last chance to pick up your book for Miller Reader Club is this week! Students interested in reading the first book should stop by the library to get their book to read over break. Our next meeting will be 10/26, and you should have the book read by then :) 

There will be a Bring Change to Mind call-out meeting during AL on October 6th. Bring Change to Mind is a mental health awareness group. Here, we will explain what the club is about, and snacks will be provided. ANYONE CAN COME TO THE MEETING!! You must create a pass by the end of block 6 to Mrs. Kjeldsen at 2:40. The meeting will take place Oct 6th in Room 1060! 

The Muslim Student Association will be having a meeting on Tuesday, October 4th during AL in Room 1219. Make sure to request a pass from Miss Aprill to attend. 

The Noblesville Students for Life Club will be holding a meeting during AL on Thursday, October 6th in Room 1246. Remember to request an e-hallpass from Mrs. Ellis prior to the meeting. We hope to see you there!

Please complete your 2022-2023 State Mandatory Training by October 7th. Assignment is in the NHS Student 2022-2023 course.  

Lunchroom Military Visits
The following military branches will be visiting our school café during all lunches. Be sure to stop by their table!

Oct 4th, Oct 27th, Nov 8th, Nov 17th, Dec 6th, and Dec 15th
Oct 24th, Nov 7th, Nov 21st, and Dec 12th
Sept 28th, Oct 26th, Nov 16th, and Dec 7th
Oct 5th, Nov 2nd, Nov 9th, Nov 30th, Dec 14th

College Mini-Fairs
College mini-fairs will be held on October 4th. Please see Mrs. Reiss in counseling or create an e-hallpass on October 4th to sign up for the College Mini-Fair that will take place during AL from 2:40 to 3:30

Colleges/Universities attending Oct 4th:
Ball State University-Lindsey Spear
Trine University-Natalie Woodley
University of Indianapolis-Emily Hancock
IVY TECH-Ashley Anderson
Butler-Cara Short
IU Kokomo-Elizabeth Kirchner
University of Cincinnati-Quinn Connor
Indiana Wesleyan University-Emery Brough
Franklin College-Weston Deshon
DePauw University-Blaine Mannering
Indiana University-Marni Blair
University of Kentucky-Lindsey Shokes
Anderson University-Jacob Harker