Monday, November 9, 2020




Monday, November 11, 2020


Attention NHS Students:

NHS would like to learn more about your technology use so we can better support your learning. Last Wednesday, we asked you to participate in an anonymous questionnaire that will only take about 10 minutes to complete.

Your responses are very important because they will help us to determine how we should proceed with our next student device purchase. Should we continue with iPads or should we consider another option? You can help decide!


We are extending the deadline for participation until the end of the day on Friday, November 13th. Please check the original Canvas message from last Wednesday, Nov 4th for the link to the questionnaire.


Thank you for your help.



"Do you enjoy STEM? Not too sure if it's for you? Check out the STEM Today And Tomorrow club! Each month we will explore a different field of either science, technology, engineering, or math. Call Outs will be on November 18th, 2020, at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday. 

Click the meeting link here (Zoom Link).  Lily



Academic Super Bowl Callout

11-20-20 2:45pm

Google Meeting


The Academic Teams are looking for the best and the brightest to compete in Academic Super bowl.  This high school competition is made up of five subject matter teams: English, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Fine Arts, and a sixth interdisciplinary team in which questions may come from any and all of the subject matter rounds.


This year's theme is The American Woman: A Generation of Progress!

Fill out the information on this Google Form for a Google Meet invite:


Come join us for the call out meeting to hear more about how competitions work, important dates, and the specific topics outlined for each team.  See Mr. Dollaske, Mr. Swart, Mrs. Hahn, Mrs. Briar, or Mrs. Sturhill for a pass.





Attention Freshman and Seniors: 

Jostens, our new supplier of graduation gowns and class rings will be here on the following dates:

November 10th: 11:30-2:30

November 11th: 3-7

November 12th: 11:30-2:30 

You should be receiving a packet from Jostens in the mail prior to these dates.  Please bring your packet with you the day you choose to order.



The ASL club meeting has been moved to Thursday, 11/12.  This club is for students interested in learning introductory sign language and for those who are interested in learning more than what has been covered in previous years.  Email Mamma Huffman at to get the link to this digital meeting.  If you have previously emailed, then the link you have is still good. 






Academics coverage - Mill Stream 2nd place

Clubs/Organizations Coverage - Mill Stream honorable mention

Column Writing - Lauren Patrick 1st place

Editorial Writing - Jane Jeong honorable mention / Jack Wanninger 2nd place

Feature Writing - Kendall Reynolds / Hope Lynas / Jon Page 2nd place
  - Jenna Schweikert / Betsy Jones / Hailey Durm 1st place

Features/Student Life Coverage - Mill Stream honorable mention

Multipage Design - Kendall Reynolds / Hope Lynas / Jon Page honorable mention
    - Jane Jeong / Bergan Zebrauskas honorable mention

    - Jane Jeong / Bergan Zebrauskas honorable mention

Multimedia Story - Mary Sebbas 2nd place / Zach Greer 1st place

Newswriting - - Jane Jeong / Bergan Zebrauskas 3rd place

News/Current Events Coverage - Mill Stream honorable mention

Opinion Coverage - Mill Stream honorable mention

Portrait/Photo Illustration - Alyssa Cain/Nicole Eldridge honorable mention
    - Kate Draine/Emily Haynes - 2nd place

Single Page Design - Victoria Flannagan - 3rd place

Sports Coverage - Mill Stream 1st place

Sports Writing - Nick Serauskis, Cayden Giacoma honorable mention

Writing Portfolio - Lauren Patrick 2nd place


Broadcast News Program - NHS News “Around The County” 1st place

Broadcast Writing - Mary Sebbas 3rd place / Jon Page 2nd place / Mary Sebbas 1st place

Multimedia Story - Mary Sebbas 2nd place / Zach Greer 1st place


Website - Mill Stream/NHS News 3rd place


Design Portfolio - Addi Selvy 1st place

Features/Student Life Coverage - Shadow 2nd place

PhotoJ portfolio - Chloe Hurst / Sammy Vanhirselee honorable mention 

    - Holden Thomas 1st place 

Portrait/Photo Illustration - Holden Thomas 1st place

Sports Coverage - Shadow 2nd place

Sports Photo - Chloe Hurst / Holden Thomas honorable mention 

Spot News Photo - Katie Popovich honorable mention / Sammy VanHeirseele 1st place

Yearbook Album - Shadow 3rd place