Camper's Daily Schedule

Camper's Daily Schedule...

8:30     Settling In

Children will get settled in for their day by chatting with other friends while signing in each morning, taking care of homework, notes or library books and making a lunch choice.

8:55    Language Word Study

In Word Study, children will work to learn sight words, vocabulary words and complete phonic activities teaching kids about patterns in words.

9:15     Reader’s Workshop

During Reader’s Workshop, students will be practicing reading and writing either by rotating through these Daily Five stations:  Read to Self, Read to Someone, Work on Writing, Word Work or Listen to Reading.  While students are working on reading and writing, teachers will be working with small groups of students to read text that are on their level and teaching kids to use comprehension strategies independently.  

10:30  Interactive Read-Aloud & Shared Reading

During an Interactive Read-Aloud lesson, children will be listening to their teacher read various types of literature.  The teachers will be modeling her thinking and encouraging students to respond to questions, fostering better understanding of various comprehension strategies.  During a Shared Reading lesson, students will be reading either in a large group or small group setting various texts that are on a first grade reading level, practicing reading strategies.  Children will read poems, act out Reader’s Theatres and read non-fiction and fiction texts.

10:50   Writer’s Workshop

Children will learn how to express themselves through writing.  Students will learn various writing genres all while practicing different kinds of writing each day.  The workshop will start with a mini lesson, followed by time to write and conference with the teacher.  

11:40   Lunch and Recess

 Children will enjoy lunch and then will immediately go outside for recess.  Our school has an awesome staff that oversees kids while they eat and play.

12:35   Math

 This year, our campers will use “Everyday Math” as they work to understand mathematical concepts.  Our day will consist of daily math routines during our calendar time, review of math homework, direct instruction and applying concepts through differentiated games. 

 1:40     Specials

 Children will travel to Art, Music, PE, or Technology throughout the week, following a rotation.

 2:30     Content Time/Social Skills Instruction

 2:55     EAGLE Time

 During EAGLE Time, students will be engaged in reading activities.  Some students might meet for small group instruction with Title One, Resource or a classroom teacher. 

3:25     Dismissal