August 28, 2019

NHS Parents,

We hope everyone is excited for the three-day weekend coming up.  It has a great year so far, but everyone is looking forward to an extra day off to have fun and recharge our batteries.

As always everything below might not apply to you and/or your student.  Please feel free to pick and choose which items apply to your needs.

E-learning Days

- I have re-attached our e-learning day information again to this message.  My last communication had an incorrect date for future e-learning days.

Safety Drills

-Starting sometime next week NHS will begin our rotation of safety drills.  Safety drills is the term we use to describe our internal lockdown, external lockdown, and/or ALICE procedures.   We understand that these types of drills can be stressful for students, but we believe that they are vital to teach our students to respond appropriately and keep themselves safe.  Our first safety drill will be in the format of a discussion where teachers will discuss what they would do in this type of situation.  Our drills will progress over time until students are engaged in full drills practicing all of the needed skills. 

-We know that some students will need supports during our safety drills.  We will have counselors and social workers available during our drills to provide supports as needed.  If you feel your student will have particular struggles that need addressed, please contact their guidance counselor this week. 

Class Rings

-The freshman class had a meeting on Monday to hear about ordering a class ring.  Each student was given an order packet to use if they are interested in ordering.  If your student is in grades 10-12 and would like to order a class ring, they are more than welcome to do so.  The office area has extra order packets if anyone needs one.  Attached is information about ordering deadlines.


Drop off and Pick up UPDATE

-As many of you have noticed we have adjusted our after-school traffic flow to help keep cars from backing up on Cumberland Rd.  Attached are copies of our after and before school traffic patterns.

-We understand that traffic is very heavy before and after school but ask that you comply with the following requests in order to keep everyone safe.

  1. All drop offs, and pick-ups are restricted to the front circle drive both before and after school. Please do not use any student drive lots (#2, #3, or #4) to drop off or pick up your student.  We must limit the number of vehicles in these areas to keep our students safe.
  2. In the afternoon we have concerns about students walking out to the car line in the parking lot and on the road to get into a car. This creates an unsafe situation for our students.  Please limit your pick-ups to the sidewalk area only.
  3. If you are picking up your student after school please tell him or her to meet you by door 3 or 4 and pull around the corner to pick them up. Please do not stop at door 1 after school for a pick up because you are holding the entire line up. Please pull forward around the corner.


Graduation Date and Time:

-Graduation this year is June 6, 2020 at 3:00 PM at the Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum.

-We feel very lucky to get a Saturday graduation this year due to how the calendar has shifted.  We are one of the last schools to go to the coliseum for graduation, so we always get to pick out date near the bottom.  Our 2021 graduation will be back on a weekday.



Who to contact if you need help? (please go to the high school website for needed email addresses)

All Grades 9 -12

If you have questions about grades or class-specific academics, please contact the teacher directly.

If you have a question about general academics, graduation requirements, post-secondary options, and/or the general well-being of your child please contact their guidance counselor.

Grade 9 

Discipline or Attendance Items:  Mrs. Olszewski, Dean

All Other Items:  Mr. Swafford, Assistant Principal

Grade 10

Discipline or Attendance Items:  Mr. Luna, Dean

All Other Items:  Mr. Stuckwisch, Assistant Principal

Grade 11

Discipline or Attendance:  Mrs. Olszewski, Dean

All Other Items:  Mrs. Miller, Assistant Principal

Grade 12

Discipline or Attendance Items:  Mr. Luna, Dean

All Other Items:  Mrs. Mobley, Assistant Principal

Students with IEPs

For IEP concerns please contact the teacher of record.


 Parent to Parent

NHS Parents,

I myself have two daughters (grade 7 and grade 4) and raising children today is very hard, to say the least.  My job as a school administrator provides me with a wealth of knowledge that I greatly value because it allows me insight into what I need to do to be a better parent to help my own children.  Let’s face it, when you work with over 3000 students daily you tend to learn a thing or two.  As I send out communications this year, I will be adding this “Parent to Parent” segment to pass along some of my knowledge in the hopes that it might help you as well.  The information I have is not top-secret by any means but if you don’t do what I do daily you just might not know what you don’t know.


Update on E-cigarettes (vaping):

Two newsletters ago I wrote about the epidemic of vaping affecting our children.  Attached are pictures of three new products meant to conceal the use of e-cigarettes.  One device looks like a smart watch, the second is an actual working ink pen, and the third is a sweatshirt that uses a hood string as the delivery device.  I am sending these pictures to keep you informed but to also ask you to write your local legislators and ask them to consider making laws to tighten up the access our kids have to these devices. 


Time is the best gift we can give our children:

As a school administrator I enjoy my job and feel fortunate to live and work in Noblesville.  I work hard every day and continue to refine my skills. I earned my doctorate in 2014 as a personal goal with the hopes of finishing before my oldest daughter started kindergarten.  I missed my goal by one year but feel fortunate that I am finished.   Early in my career I realized that I was focused on the wrong things.  My goals were completely career focused and I found out that I was addicted to advancing.  I started my career as an administrator at age 29 as a middle school principal and progressed to be the principal of a brand-new high school campus at age 33.  And now, at age 46, I am the principal of the 11th largest high school in the state.  If I have learned anything over the course of my career, I have realized that being remembered as a good principal would nice but what I really want to be remembered as is a great husband and a great father who spent a lot of time with his family.  When you wonder what you as a parent can do for your children to make them better adults it all boils down to one word…”time”.  Spend as much time with your children as you can even if it is just a five-minute conversation at the end of the day.  With our busy lives we often neglect those who mean the most to us.  My challenge to myself and to all of you is to make the extra effort to be with your family as much as you can.  It doesn’t have to be anything grandiose just going on a walk or playing a board game as a family can have a big impact.   And just to clarify just because teenagers may try to avoid these types of activities doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy them. 

Thanks for reading our newsletter and have a safe and enjoyable three-day weekend.



Craig McCaffrey

Interim Principal