How do I edit and create a Google Doc with the Drive app?

To create a new document or spreadsheet:
Open the Drive app then click the + in the upper right hand corner
You can view Google documents that you’ve created and that have been shared with you through the Drive app on your iPhone or iPad. Every time you open a document, it’ll update to the latest version.

The Drive app uses a native viewer for your Google documents, which means you can view and edit them right in the app, not in a web browser.

Editing with the Drive app

You can edit your Google documents within the Drive app whenever your iPhone or iPad has an Internet connection. Editing is available in all supported languages, including those with right-to-left text.

To begin editing a Google document, touch its name in your Drive and touch the place in your document where you’d like to edit text. To stop editing and enter view-only mode, press the View button in the top-right corner of the screen. If you've pressed the "View" button, you can press the Edit button to continue editing.