Curriculum Notes

This newsletter is written for the coming week of October 3rd.

  Reading Workshop:  Captions, headings, and other text features were the focus of reading this week.  Next week, text features will continue to be the focus, as well as reading nonfiction texts.  

Stamina - Reading stamina is so important.  We are still working on getting the kids to read 30 min. at a time.  This will help as the students start testing later this year.  

Seesaw - I have sent a link out to you to connect with us on Seesaw.  When you view your child's work, just keep in mind that much of it is first drafts and I am having them send it to me to look over.  Much of the writing that is put on Seesaw, I have them send to me so that I can check their progress and know where I can help them improve.  

Clever:  Clever can be accessed on any device at home.  Go to the Clever website on any device.  Then log in as student and scan the QR Code.  They will have access to everything on Clever then.  All of the websites below that I mention can be accessed through Clever.  

Mobymax - Mobymax is a great place for students to get extra practice with phonics patterns, sight words, lang. and reading skills.  There is also test prep practice they can do.  Mobymax can be accessed through Clever.   

Raz Kids - This app is on Clever.  It is a great place for students to do some reading at their own level.  

Writing workshop:     We finished our stories and rewriting the personal narratives that we wrote at the beginning of the unit.  We also had our introductory lesson writing nonfiction.   Next week we will continue with our nonfiction writing unit.    

Word work:   We worked on syllables and high frequency words.  This technique will help students spell words while they write.  

 Math:    We have been working on problem solving and two step problems.  Next week, we will continue working on problem solving, two-step number stories, as well as multiplication.  We will have our Unit 2 math test next Thursday.  We will review on Wednesday.

Multiplication - Students should be studying their 2's, 5's and 10's at home.  They have fact triangles to help them study.

 Addition and Subtraction Facts:  The first few months we are going to put a lot of work into making sure we all know our addition and subtraction facts.  Moby max "fact fluency" is a good place to practice the facts.  There are also websites on my Clever page that students can use to help study their facts.  I will be giving an addition and subtraction test every Wed. 

I Know it Math:  This is great website to practice all of our third grade skills.  It also has a link to other grade skills.  The link is on my Clever page under the category "Math Time Tests and Games."