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Protect Student Funding

Last month, the Noblesville Schools board of trustees issued an open letter to the public urging action to protect public school funding.

Proposed legislation to slash tens of millions of dollars from Indiana’s public schools is so concerning that we are also adding our voices on behalf of the Noblesville Schools administration and teachers.

Legislators are currently considering taking more than one third of education budget increases away from public schools that serve 90% of the students in the state.

They expect residents to make up this shortfall through referendums, while they have decreased per pupil funding and implemented tax caps over the last decade that have drained over $2 billion from public school students across the state.

This proposed legislation also goes against Governor Holcomb’s recommendations as it takes much-needed funding away from teacher salaries. Holcomb’s Next Level Teacher Compensation Commission found Indiana public school teachers to be underpaid, an issue that continues to contribute to the state’s teacher shortage and puts the future of our Hoosier workforce and economic development at risk.

Public tax dollars should be for public school students.

Public schools demonstrate the best academic results, meet achievement standards, maintain financial accountability, offer transparency and serve all.

Directing resources away from public schools will ultimately reduce the quality of our academics, school activities, facilities and staff. 

We ask residents to make their voice heard regarding this troubling legislation. Find your legislators and let them know you do NOT support Indiana House Bill 1005 or Indiana Senate Bill 413. Tell your legislators that you want to see public school funding prioritized in the state budget House Bill 1001.

Expect to see many of our administrators and teachers wearing red on March 24 in a joint demonstration of support for public education.   

Our students can’t advocate for themselves, so we must advocate for them.

Please help keep Noblesville Schools #noblesvillestrong.


Dr. Beth Niedermeyer, Superintendent Noblesville Schools and Amanda Giordano, President Noblesville Teachers' Forum

 Niedermeyer, Giordano

(L-R) Niedermeyer, Giordano