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New Solar Initiative

Noblesville Schools Aims to Slash Energy Costs, Support Environment with New Solar Initiative

Noblesville Schools has announced that they are seeking a solar solution to significantly cut energy costs and support the environment. The district will be issuing a public Request for Proposal (RFP) to evaluate and select the best vendor to provide this service, which is expected to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings a year. 

With two million square feet under roof, 550 acres and more than 10,000 students to serve, energy is one of the district’s largest costs after teachers and support staff. Almost $1.5 million dollars a year is spent on energy expenses for lighting, heating and air, technology tools and more. 

Associate Superintendent Dr. David Mundy, who oversees facility operations, is leading the solar effort for Noblesville Schools. Mundy was the first in the state to introduce a solar program for an entire school district while serving previously as superintendent for Sheridan Community Schools.

 “Capturing solar energy provides several advantages including fiscal ones, like being able to direct more funding to teachers and classrooms, and being able to better project our energy costs over the next decades, as well as educational opportunities for students to observe and study energy use,” shared Mundy. “Being able to save money, reduce environmental impacts and create learning opportunities, all while utilizing our vacant land more efficiently, is a win for students, staff, and the community overall.”

The district has identified sections of land they already own, near White River Elementary, Promise Road Elementary and their Hague Road Transportation Center, where solar panels are expected to be placed­­.

“We’ll have a better idea of the specific savings we can expect after we select a solar company to lead the project,” added Mundy. “We’re also making the move to LED lights across the district and using an energy conservation manager to educate, monitor and reduce staff energy use. I’m excited that between all these efforts we will be making a significant environmental and cost savings impact.”