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Teachers of the Year 2019

Noblesville Schools has named four educators as 2019 Teachers of the Year. The teachers were nominated by their principals and were then selected for the honor by a committee of administrators.

The winners are:

LuAnn Harger, 2nd grade teacher, Hinkle Creek Elementary (elementary winner)

LuAnn is a highly respected veteran teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience who loves to challenge and improve her own instructional techniques to ensure she is up to date on best teaching practices. She is a math lead teacher and a role model for other teachers, inspiring not only her students, but also her peers, to learn more. A highly effective communicator who builds strong relationships with students and parents, LuAnn attends her students’ extracurricular activities and is known for her caring heart with students, colleagues and families.

Kristen Hope, resource teacher, Hazel Dell Elementary (elementary winner)

Kristen creates an environment where students feel safe to take risks and is a go-to person for innovative teaching strategies, using songs, games, magic wands and toy cars to build understanding in striving learners. She fosters deep connections with students by learning about not only their academic needs, but who they are as people outside of school. Kristen’s students set goals for themselves to own their learning, know what they are working on, and why it’s important. She is a leader that other teachers do not hesitate to follow.

Barb Olszewski, resource teacher, Noblesville West (middle school winner)

Barb advocates for students needing out-of-the-box problem solving and brings together needed stakeholders to plan for hard-to-reach students. Peers seek her out for advice and ideas, as well as her calm, problem-solving demeanor. She is a strong proponent of data, using it to support and plan for students. In addition to serving as special education chair and a member of the district special education team, Barb has also taken on roles supporting attendance and behavior initiatives.

Krysten Plahm, English language learner teacher, NHS, (high school winner and overall district winner)

Krysten forms not only deep relationships with students in her classes, but with their families as well. Her students trust her and see her classroom as a safe space to learn and grow. She expects high effort and achievement from her students, and is a master at assessing where students are academically and with their English acquisition. Krysten successfully manages the English language learner program she built at NHS as this population has continued to grow, and also serves on the district EL committee and as chair of the NHS Rotary club.

The four educators were selected to represent different academic levels. This year’s high school winner, Krysten Plahm, was further distinguished as the overall district winner. Two teachers were chosen at the elementary level to reflect the fact that approximately 50% of Noblesville Schools teachers are at the elementary level. 

Selection focused on master teachers who excel at putting Noblesville Schools’ mission and vision into action and whose accomplishments align well with the Indiana Department of Education’s state Teacher of the Year criteria. The winners regularly demonstrate the highest levels of quality instruction for their students and leadership among their peers.

The winners will be honored at a May 14 Noblesville Education Foundation recognition dinner held at Mustard Seed Gardens, as well as a school board meeting and district employee recognition breakfast.

As the overall district honoree, Plahm will also participate in the state Teacher of the Year competition.

Noblesville Schools employs approximately 650 teachers.



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