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Summer School 2021 ** Update: All summer school courses will be implemented online.

Click the link below to sign up for summer school. 

Students need to be signed in to their school email account in order to complete the form.

Deadline is May 1 to enroll for 1st session.

Please read through FAQs and Information first to see if your question can be answered there. All other questions regarding summer school can be directed to


General Information and FAQ’s

Summer School 2021


Dates:  Traditional Courses Session 1 June 4-June 24

Session 2  June 25-July 16, excluding July 5

             Online Courses June 4 - July 9 (5 weeks to complete course, if needed)


Times:  7:35 AM - 12:35 PM


** Update 2/3/21:  All summer school courses will be implemented online.  Students in traditional courses are expected to participate online every day.  See updated PE information below.


*Traditional Courses (session 1 and session 2):  meet Monday-Friday during the hours listed above.  Please take note that the math classes may operate on a “work at your own pace” basis and are most likely repeater classes.  Some math students may finish earlier than others. Students are expected to participate every day or until the course is completed.  Students who miss more than two days of a traditional course will be withdrawn from the course.


*PE is a blended summer course.  Students will be required to participate certain days per session (listed below) and to complete work on iPE/Canvas the other days.  (iPE is an online interactive PE program operated through Canvas).  Due to the nature of the class, students cannot miss any or part of the required participation days.  Lastly, students must complete all iPE assignments in addition to successfully completing all required class activities.  If a student knows they will miss at least one of the required days, then he/she should not sign up for summer PE.


First Session Required Zoom Meetings *times TBD by teacher and will be sometime 7:35-12:35 PM

  • Fri. June 4th (first day)
  • Wed. June 9th 
  • Tues. June 22nd


Second Session Required Zoom Meetings *times TBD by teacher and will be sometime 7:35-12:35 PM

  • Fri. June 25th (first day) 
  • Wed. June 30th
  • Wed. July 14th  

Online Courses (June 4-July 9) - Online courses are completed almost entirely independently.  These classes are designed to be self-paced and independent.  Students enrolled in online courses will receive more specific information about their classes by the end of May.  Students wanting to take more than one online class need to have a GPA of 3.25 or higher, have exceptional attendance, and be approved by school administration.  Students will receive email confirmation of their enrollment status once they have been approved.  Students must have 30% of the course completed within the first 2 weeks of the course (June 18), or they will be automatically dropped from the course.


Online Health CPR Dates:  TBD (These are specific dates that students must participate in order to complete CPR skills training)

FAQs answered:

  • 1 summer PE class = 1 semester of PE (2 semesters are required to graduate)
  • PE 1 is a prerequisite for athletic weights class.
  • Lunch WILL NOT be provided.
  • Attendance:  Students not attending class and/or not making progress in their course(s) can be removed from the course(s).
  • Administration will review multiple online class applications on a regular basis.  Once approved, the student will receive a confirmation email.  Note:  taking 2 online classes will be challenging and time consuming, so the student/family will need to plan accordingly.  Students must have 30% of each online course completed by June 18 (first 2 weeks of the course), or they will be automatically dropped from the course.
  • Students may only enroll in ONE traditional session 1 course and/or ONE traditional session 2 course.
  • Summer school enrollment requests need to be submitted by May 1 in order to best ensure successful enrollment in summer school.  Any enrollment forms received after May 1 are not guaranteed a spot in the requested classes.
  • All questions regarding summer school can be directed to