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Athletic Eligibility

To participate in athletics at Noblesville West Middle School, a student must have passed 70% of the classes that assign a letter grade the previous grading period. Students will become eligible/ineligible upon the issuance of grade cards.
When a student enters middle school as a 6th grade student, their academic eligibility begins. Grades will continue from one season to the next and spring grades will be used to determine eligibility for fall sports the following year, i.e. a student who is not passing in the spring of their 6th grade year, will not be able to participate in sports during the fall of their 7th grade year until they become eligible at the next grading period. It should be noted that these are minimum standards. A coach has the right to establish more stringent academic requirements if he/she chooses.
Students who participate in fall sports, your grades from the last grading period of the prior year will affect eligibility. For 7th grade students, your last grading period of 6th grade will determine eligibility. Students moving to Noblesville West Middle School must meet the academic requirements noted above before he/she can participate as a Noblesville Athlete.

6th Grade students may participate in Tennis, Cross Country, Dance, Wrestling and Track.