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School Wide Procedures

Below are the school wide procedures for all students at North. The students have done a fantastic job at practicing their procedures throughout the school, so they may continue to do the right thing. This is essential, so we may continue to focus on instructional practices at all grade levels.

Arrival Procedures
• Show respect for others by entering the building quietly.
• Use common sense by walking and paying attention.
• Show respect for school property by using the sidewalks.
• Take the initiative and set a good example for other students.
• Show responsibility by entering the appropriate door.

Café Procedures
• Show respect by entering and leaving the café quietly.
• Use cooperation when getting into the lunch line.
• Be a caring person by inviting others to sit at your table and including them in the conversation.
• Show responsibility by always being prepared.
• Take pride in the café by cleaning up the area around you.

Convocation Procedures
• Use responsibility by entering quietly and orderly.
• Use patience while waiting for the convocation to begin.
• Use effort to be an active listener.
• Use common sense to show appropriate appreciation.
• Use responsibility when returning to your classroom.

Dismissal Procedures
• Show respect by listening to afternoon announcements.
• Be patient while waiting for your dismissal group to be called.
• When waiting in the hallway, respect the hallway procedures.
• When your group is called, use common sense and leave the building safely and quietly.

Hallway Procedures
• Walk proudly with your hands at your sides.
• Be respectful by being quiet.
• Display cooperation by staying in line.
• Make an effort to walk on the right side of the hallway.
• Actively listen to directions.

Playground Procedures
• Actively listen to recess supervisors by lining up quickly and quietly.
• Cooperate with and respect others by sharing and including everyone.
• Take the initiative to prevent and solve problems.
• Be responsible for the playground equipment and return any borrowed items to the proper place.

Restroom Procedures

• Be respectful by using the restroom quickly and quietly.
• Take pride in a neat and clean restroom.
• Be responsible – flush and wash every time!
• Use common sense while in the restroom.