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Board Urges Community to Protect School Funding

As school board leaders, we have a unique understanding of the significant challenges public schools face and the extraordinary outcomes they provide for students, families and the community overall.

It’s clear to us how dangerous current proposed legislation to strip public schools of funding is to Noblesville Schools and ALL public schools in the state. 

The Indiana House is currently considering taking tens of millions of dollars away from public schools and using that money to nearly double the rate of funding for private and charter school programs. 

This means giving money to families making up to $170,000/year to fund their personal use of private school while reducing the quality of education for 90% of students in the state. 

Additionally, our legislators intend to take these resources away from public schools during a pandemic that has proved to be one of the most challenging times ever for our country.

  • Legislators plan to reduce compensation funding for our educators, who are already some of the lowest paid in the nation.
  • They are giving away dollars to a select few rather than supporting STEM and literacy programming to best prepare over a million young Hoosiers for the workforce of tomorrow.
  • Lawmakers expect local communities to pass referendums just to maintain basic quality standards in schools, while funding private schools more generously than almost all other states in the country.
  • They’re increasing taxpayer funding for vouchers and education savings accounts that lack transparency, achievement standards, financial accountability and most importantly - academic results.

Directing resources away from public schools will ultimately reduce the quality of our academics, school activities, facilities and staff.

We urge the Noblesville community to find your legislators and make your voices heard on this important issue. We do NOT support Indiana House bill 1005.

We love Noblesville Schools and hope you do too. Please help keep our district strong.


Dr. Joe Forgey

President, Noblesville Schools Board


Laura Alerding

Vice-President, Noblesville Schools Board


Christi Crosser

Secretary, Noblesville Schools Board


Lisa Sobek

Member, Noblesville Schools Board


Stephanie Lambert

Member, Noblesville Schools Board


(L-R) Christi Crosser, Laura Alerding, Dr. Joe Forgey, Lisa Sobek, Stephanie Lambert

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