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Our learning community believes in promoting a positive environment for all students. The integration of daily lifeskills provides us with an avenue of "practicing what we preach." Daily announcements, classroom posters and reinforcements in school newsletters keep everyone up to date on practicing character education.

The Lifelong Guidelines are:

  • Be Truthful
  • Be Trustworthy
  • Active Listening
  • No Putdowns
  • Personal Best

The C.L.A.S.S. Life Goals are:

  • Do the Right Thing.
  • Treat People Right.

Once school begins in August, check here weekly for the growing list of lifeskills that Hinkle Creek students have been putting into practice.

to feel and show concern for others
Cooperation: to work together toward a common goal or purpose
Courage: acting according to one's beliefs.
Curiousity: investigating and seeking understanding of one's world.
Effort: to do your personal best.
Flexibility: to be willing to alter plans when necessary
Friendship: to make and keep a friend through mutual trust and caring.
Initiative: to do something of one's own free will, because it needs to be done.
Integrity: to act according to a sense of what's right and wrong
Organization: to plan, arrange and implement in an orderly way
Patience: to wait calmly for someone or something
Perseverance: to keep at it
Pride: satisfaction from doing one's personal best
Problem Solving: to create solutions to difficult situations and everyday problems
Resourcefulness: to respond to challenges and opportunities in innovative and creative ways.
Responsibility: to respond when appropriate; to be accountable for one's actions.
Sense of Humor: to laugh and be playful without hurting others.