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Community Art Coming Soon

Noblesville Schools has announced the upcoming construction of a school-themed art sculpture at the roundabout intersection of Field Drive and Cumberland Road.

The art will celebrate the district’s distinctive N in school colors black and gold with the words “Noblesville” and “Millers” highlighted. Two 17-foot, aluminum Ns facing in opposite directions will be featured and will be angled in the roundabout to provide visibility from many viewpoints.

The district launched a community art contest in 2019 to seek design inspiration for the project and received five submissions that featured a prominent N. Those winning submissions came from:

  • Carter Metzger, Noblesville West Middle School sixth grader
  • Amelia Wiggins, Noblesville High School tenth grader
  • Kelsie Hayward, 2021 Noblesville High School graduate
  • Jakob O’Dell, 2019 Noblesville High School graduate
  • Donna Hess, Noblesville Schools receptionist

“The black and gold N design is iconic and honors Noblesville Schools’ students, staff, alumni and families–past, present and future,” said Marnie Cooke, director of marketing and communications for Noblesville Schools. “We hope this becomes a special landmark for the community to enjoy for many years to come and are thankful to the City of Noblesville and Nickel Plate Arts for their support with this project.”

“Field Drive and Cumberland Road will be the second roundabout in the city with artwork, and I cannot think of anything more appropriate than a group of Noblesville students and staff collaborating to showcase our community’s school spirit through this sculpture,” added Noblesville Mayor Chris Jensen.

The district chose this specific roundabout to feature the art thanks to its location at the center of several schools, school facilities and athletic venues, including the new Noblesville High School multipurpose stadium coming in 2022.

The sculpture is being funded through the same construction bond used to build the stadium, with no impact to the tax rate and no use of classroom or referendum dollars.

The project is expected to be completed in October 2021.


Roundabout Art Sculpture