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Daily Schedule 2020-21

With the new adjustment in times, here is the daily schedule of classes for NWMS starting with the 2020-2021 school year.

Our school day times are 9:00am-3:50pm


6th grade:

9:00-9:55am             Period 1

10:00-10:55am         Period 2

11:00-11:15am         Period 3

11:20-11:50am         Lunch CB/TB

11:30-12:00pm         Lunch BB/GB

11:55-12:35pm         Period 3

12:40-1:35pm           Period 4

1:40-2:25pm             DA 1

2:30-3:15pm             DA 2

3:20-3:50pm              SLT


7th grade:

9:00-9:55am             Period 1

10:00-10:55am         Period 2

11:00-11:45am         DA 1

11:50am-12:35pm     DA 2

12:40-1:05pm           Period 5

1:10-1:40pm             Lunch Acadia/Key West

1:20-1:50pm             Lunch Badlands/Everglades

1:45-2:15pm             Period 5

2:20-3:15pm             Period 6

3:20-3:50pm             SLT


8th grade:

9:00-9:45am             DA 1

9:50-10:35am           DA 2

10:40-11:25am         Period 3

11:30am-12:15pm     Period 4

12:20-12:50pm          Lunch Empire/GW

12:30-1:00pm           Lunch Canaveral/BW

12:55-1:40pm            Period 5

1:45-2:30pm             Period 6

2:35-3:15pm             Period 7

3:20-3:50pm             SLT