Noblesville Schools School Safety Team


     Safety Team consists of Individuals and groups of individuals, school and community, which make up our collaborative safety team.  The following groups of individuals play an important part in making sure that we do everything in our power to provide a safe and secure learning environment in our schools.  We appreciate all of these people!

    • Safe Schools Committee, Student Safety Commission, Hamilton County School Safety Commission, Noblesville Police Department, Noblesville Fire Department, Hamilton County Emergency Management, Hamilton County Health Department


    Director of Safety/Security

    Dr. Heather Hendrich is responsible for all aspects of school safety across the district including overseeing district safety policies/procedures for all areas, developing strategic safety plans for implementation and continuous school safety improvements, managing and enforcing background check guidelines, and working collaboratively with the Noblesville Police Department to lead the Noblesville Schools School Resource Officer program.


    School Resource Officers

    The School Resource Officer position is a cooperation between the Noblesville Police department and the Noblesville School Corporation that provides a wide array of services to the staff and students.  Noblesville Schools is fortunate to have School Resource Officers in all of our school buildings.  All resource officers are trained through the National School Resource Officers Association (NASRO).  NASRO training focuses on three main roles for the SRO, informal counselor, educator, and Law Enforcement Officer.  It is important to note that Law enforcement is the primary responsibility of the SRO’s, but the SRO’s know that the other two roles are just as important. Learn more here: SRO


    Vapor Wake Canine

    Beginning this school year, we will be piloting the use of safety dogs as another layer of prevention and detection in our overall safety plan. We will have three Labrador Retrievers, and their handlers, that will be utilized across all schools and at specific events in collaboration with our school resource officers (SROs) and counselors.

    These friendly dogs are ideal for use around children as they are trained to detect the scent of firearms and related products in the air around them, and are not used for direct physical inspection of individuals.

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