Early Childhood Education I

  • Grades: 11, 12
    Early Childhood Education prepares students for employment in early childhood education and related careers that involve children from birth to 8 years (3rd grade). This course provides field experiences throughout the semester to observe, document, and assess young children as well as opportunity to be exposed to programs, curricula, and services that are developmentally appropriate and available to children. Students will be monitored and evaluated in their field experience by their high school teacher as well as their field experience mentor teacher. 
    • Earned credit in Child Development
    • Earned credit in Advanced Child Development
    • Required by IDOE, earned a certificate of completion and provide a copy of: o IACCRR.org Module 1- Child Development o IACCRR.org Module 2- Health o IACCRR.org Module 3- Safety
    • Provide your own reliable transportation
    • Complete the Early Childhood Education application
    Year-long course, two credits