• 2nd Grade

    What will we be learning this year?

     In the 2nd Grade, we spend the fall semester preparing for our Holidays from Around the World program.  This December program features songs representing special countries and the holidays they celebrate in the winter time.  We travel from Australia to China, Africa, Mexico, France, Germany, America, and so many other countries.  Some holidays that we learn about include Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and the Chinese New Year.  We learn about various customs, traditions, cultures, sing in new languages, and play new instruments!  We are so excited to show you all that we've learned in December!

    In the spring, we learn the story of Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev.  We learn about the different instruments we hear, characters, plot, and how to identify a character just by listening to their instrument.  We play many songs on our Orff instruments, reinforce proper mallet technique, sing in Solfege, and master the art of the bordun.

    Over the year we will focus on hitting all of our standards in 2nd grade music, including...

    • I can identify whole notes and whole note rests.
    • I can identify a barline in music.
    • I can sing music in allegro and adagio tempos.
    • I can name notes on the treble clef from middle C to G.
    • I can recognize brass instruments and explain how the sound is made.
    • I can identify music West African music from other music.
    • I can sing and play simple rhythmic or tonal patterns by reading simple music notation.
    • I can sing with others music from other cultures.
    • I can sing do, re, mi, fa, sol, la using hand symbols.
    • I can perform easy accompaniment on bar instruments.
    • I can perform music created for artistic, recreational, and ceremonial purposes.