Technology and Learning


    The #MillerShift initiative is comprised of all the efforts and programs that are part of Noblesville’s shift to digital age teaching and learning. Key elements of Noblesville’s new learning environment include an iPad for every student, access to digital curricular materials, and updated learning spaces. Driven by our vision and mission we are engaged in intellectual pursuits, inspired to challenge the present and empowered to adapt, innovate and succeed today and tomorrow. With full access to technology for learning, learners in Noblesville Schools can … 

    • Support and live our mission and vision
    • Increase engaging, rigorous student-centered learning experiences
    • Utilize equitable, anytime access
    • Develop competent and responsible future-ready citizens
    • Connect with fellow learners and experts
    • Create digital content and virtual/online learning experiences
    • Connect to digital age learning environments anytime, anywhere
    • Prepare for success in future college, career, and life pursuits 
    Use the links below to learn more about iPads and expectations around the care for and use of these devices. 
    Meet the iPad - If you’d like more information about iPads in education, visit this link. 
    Learn more about Canvas by Instructure - the learning management system for Noblesville Schools. 
    Frequently Asked Questions - Have a question about the iPads, classroom technology, home use or something else related to the MillerShift Initiative? Start here with the list of questions other parents have asked.
    Wi-Fi Hotspots in Noblesville - Check this resource for a listing of wi-fi hotspots including restaurants, public library and extended hours at the high school.
    Responsible Use & Social Media Guidelines - Know the rules of the road for using social media.  This resource addresses key concepts including ethical use.
    Noblesville Student Technology Handbook - A short document outlining expectations for use of hardware provided to Noblesville students for educational use.
    Board Policy for Student Responsible Use - This policy establishes the ground rules for technology use in Noblesville and defines acceptable use for students.
    Parenting in the Digital Age - We've put together some helpful resources for parents. 

    Apple Distinguished Program  Click here to learn more about our designation as an Apple Distinguished Program.