Noblesville Schools' Resource Officers, SROs

  • The School Resource Officer position is a cooperation between the Noblesville Police department and the Noblesville School Corporation that provides a wide array of services to the staff and students.  All resource officers are trained through the National School Resource Officers Association (NASRO).  NASRO training focuses on three main roles for the SRO, informal counselor, educator, and Law Enforcement Officer.  It is important to note that Law enforcement is the primary responsibility of the SRO’s, but the SRO’s know that the other two roles are just as important.

    The SRO’s provide informal counseling on a daily basis to students in the school setting.  Officers speak with students and staff about various legal and civil issues providing them guidance, support, and resources to help.  The Noblesville Youth Assistance Program (NYAP) is just one of the many options that officers have to provide assistance to students and they are a great partner to the school corporation.  

    The SRO’s participate in the education of both students and staff in many ways.  The Officers can be found in the classroom talking with students in government classes about legal issues or health classes talking about alcohol and drug issues.   The officers might even be found in a culinary class judging a cupcake baking contest.  In addition to the classroom the SRO have a responsibility to help educate the parents about issues that affect their children, most recently the social media presentation for parents passed on valuable information.  The SRO staff is there as a resource to students, staff, and administrators to help in the educational environment. 

    Our School Resource officers are veteran law enforcement officers with experience and training in multiple areas of policing.  The officers continue their training in all areas of law enforcement with the other officers on the department in addition to the training they receive about school issues.  The SRO’s law enforcement function is the most important role that officers serve in but they provide assistance in the other roles just as often.