Our mission is to use teamwork in a positive work environment, building relationships; that provide the best unified, student-centered approach to supporting students via our staff.  Establishing our focus, students at the front of all decision-making.

    The special education department believes in providing learning experiences that align with the district's mission and vision to allow all students the opportunity to have student-centered, authentic, innovative learning experiences. 

    Along with academic standards, the Special Education Department develops future-ready skills that are necessary for students to successfully engage in the same opportunities as their general education peers.  An all-inclusive learning environment provides students with the advantage of developing skills necessary to become active participants In school, the community, and beyond.

    The Noblesville Schools Special Education Department has a collaborative team to support students. Each building level has a special education team: administrator, department chair/special education lead teacher, special education staff, therapists, itinerant staff, instructional assistants, and additional team members available to support students.

    At the district level,  Noblesville Schools Special Education Department consists of:  Executive Co-Directors Erin Rood and Amy Roberts, Early Childhood Special Education Coordinator Kristen Hope, Department Secretaries Stephanie Nale and Michelle Garrett, District BCBA Abby Magnusen, Behavior Specialists Jonathan Clark, Seema Kumrah, Olivia Price, Brittany Thoma,  and Private School Coordinator Holly Coons.

  • Special Education Department

    Erin Rood, Elementary

    Erin Rood, Executive Director of Elementary Special Education


    Amy R

    Amy Roberts, Executive Director of Secondary Special Education 


    Kristen Hope

    Kristen Hope, Early Childhood Special Education Coordinator