Civil Engineering & Architecture, PLTW

  • Grades: 11, 12 

    Civil Engineering and Architecture introduces students to the fundamental design and development aspects of civil engineering and architectural planning activities. This course is part of the PLTW Engineering curriculum. Application and design principles will be used in conjunction with mathematical and scientific knowledge. Computer software programs will allow students opportunities to design, simulate, and evaluate the construction of buildings and communities. During the planning and design phases, instructional emphasis will be placed on related transportation, water resource, and environmental issues. Activities include the preparation of cost estimates as well as a review of regulatory procedures that would affect the project design. Students in this class will also have the opportunity to work with Habitat for Humanity on a design for a home that may be built on a local property.       
    Prerequisites: Pass IED and POE or Teacher Recommendation
    • Credits: 1 credit per semester, 2 semesters 
    • Counts as a Directed Elective or Elective for the General, Core 40, Core 40 with Academic Honors and Core 40 with Technical Honors diplomas
    • Qualifies as a Quantitative Reasoning course for the General, Core 40, AHD, and THD diplomas 
    • Dual Credit (DESN 105 through Ivy Tech -- 3 credits!)