United States History ACP

  • Grade: 11

    This is a 100 level college history course, and transferable college credit can be earned through Indiana University’s Advance College Project (ACP).  This course surveys the history of the United States from pre-Colonial America through the present.  Topics include but are not limited to the colonial period, the American Revolution, the Constitution, the Jacksonian era,Manifest Destiny, and the Civil War, Reconstruction, Industrialization, Progressivism, WWI, Depression, WWII, Civil Rights, decades of the 70s, 80s,90s, and today.  Students will examine a variety of materials and participate in a wide range of activities.  Several reading materials will be utilized including primary and secondary sources.ACP American History will not only expand your knowledge of the American past, but also help you develop the analytical skills that make the study of history a useful path into a range of professions.  Readings emphasize primary sources such as maps, journals, letters, and legal documents.   There will be several short exercises designed to help you analyze and argue from these materials, and to foster class discussion.

    This course relies heavily on reading, writing, and discussion.  Students will be expected to develop the following skills:

    • Comprehending and analyzing a primary source document
    • Presenting a case while writing
    • Thinking analytically and critically
    • Effective oral communication
    • Listen effectively to the instructor and others students
    • Problem solving
    • Effective note taking and highlighting
    Recommendation:  Indiana University History Department recommends minimum GPA of 3.3.
    • A one year course (2 credits earned)
    • Students may earn 3 dual credits each semester in H105/H106 (6 total credits) from Indiana University
    • Summer work required