Peer Tutor

  • Peer tutoring is an opportunity for students who are passionate about helping others. Peer tutors will be assigned to working in one of the following settings: applied skills classrooms, 1:1 in a general education academic class, 1:1 or small group in an interactive class (such as culinary arts, band, choir, PE), or supporting students in a BSD classroom. 

    Peer Tutoring Application

    Students interested in working with peers who are English Language Learners, can also enroll as a peer tutor. EL Peers would be placed in 1:1 or small group settings in a general education classroom or in the ELL classroom supporting a class of students.

    Qualified peer tutors will have at least a 3.0 GPA (or a recommendation), regular attendance,  and will complete the application below no later than March 27, 2021.