Physics C AP

  • Grade: 12  
    AP Physics C is a second-year physics course. It is equivalent to two semesters of calculus-based, college-level physics courses, especially appropriate for students planning to specialize or major in physical science or engineering. Introductory differential and integral calculus is used throughout the course. At least 20% of class time will be dedicated to inquire-based laboratory activities. During labs students will be able to design experiments, collect and measure real data, critically analyze data, determine uncertainties in experiments, and draw inferences from lab data to improve the existing experiment and apply it to new situations.
    Semester 1 focuses on mechanics. Topics in mechanics include kinematics; Newton’s laws of motion; work, energy and power; systems of particles and linear momentum; circular motion and rotation; and oscillations and gravitation. Semester 2 focuses on electricity and magnetism. Topics in electricity and magnetism include electrostatics, conductors, capacitors and dielectrics, electric circuits, magnetic fields, inductance, and electromagnetism.
    Semester 1 – Mechanics
    Semester 2 – Electricity and Magnetism

    The State of Indiana requires students to sit for AP exams in order to qualify for the Academic Honors Diplomas as well as the new Graduation Pathway requirements.  Therefore, any student at Noblesville High School enrolled in a College Board Advanced Placement course will be required to sit for the corresponding exam.  Cumulative grade point averages will be re-calculated retroactively without the grade weight for students who do not take the exam.  The cost of AP assessments are decided by the College Board; however, the cost of this exam is currently covered by the State of Indiana.

    Prerequisites: Grades of 90% or above in Physics I or grades of 80% or above in Physics I: Algebra-Based AP or with permission from instructor. Calculus should be taken concurrently.
    • One year course, two credits
    • A Core 40 and AHD Physical Science course