Chemistry AP

  • Grades: 11, 12 


    This year long course is designed to emulate two semesters of University-level general chemistry.  Topics studied include:
    • Compounds & Chemical Reactions
    • Gases & Energy
    • Atomic Structure & The Periodic Table
    • Chemical Bonds & Intermolecular Forces
    • Chemical Kinetics
    • Equilibrium
    • Acid/Base Chemistry
    • Electrochemistry
    Laboratory work is a blend of traditional general chemistry experiments and do-it-yourself inquiry “Challenge Problems”.  All of which will be recorded in a typical college lab journal.

    The State of Indiana requires students to sit for AP exams in order to qualify for the Academic Honors Diplomas as well as the new Graduation Pathway requirements.  Therefore, any student at Noblesville High School enrolled in a College Board Advanced Placement course will be required to sit for the corresponding exam.  Cumulative grade point averages will be re-calculated retroactively without the grade weight for students who do not take the exam.  The cost of AP assessments are decided by the College Board; however, the cost of this exam is currently covered by the State of Indiana.

    Prerequisites: Grades of 80% or above in Algebra II and 90% or above in Chemistry I 
    (ACP recommends Math SAT of 500+) 
    • One year course, two credits