United States History AP

  • Grade: 11

    Advanced Placement United States History is a course that provides students with the content established by the College Board. It is a two-semester survey course covering the age of exploration and discovery to the present. It is intended to prepare students for the rigors of academic work at the college level and provide students with the opportunity to earn college credit by passing the AP exam. Students can also use the AP U.S. History exam to count toward and Academic Honors Diploma. The course is organized chronologically but focuses of the themes of American identity and culture, economic trends and transformations including work and technology, environmental issues, America’s role in the world, the development of political institutions, social reforms, the role of religion and its impact on American society, slavery and its legacy, and internal and external migration.

    AP United States History is a challenging course; the equivalent of a freshman-level college course. The AP course in United States History is designed to provide students with the analytical skills and factual knowledge necessary to deal critically with the content in United States history. Students should learn to assess historical materials and to weigh the evidence and interpreations presented in historical scholarship. Students will utilize historical reasoning skills like comparison, causation, contextualization, and synthesis. The course relies heavily on reading, writing, and discussion. Emphasis will be placed on the development and implementation of critical reading and writing skills, including stimulus-based multiple choice questions, short answer and free-response essay questions, and document-based essay questions.

    The State of Indiana requires students to sit for AP exams in order to qualify for the Academic Honors Diplomas as well as the new Graduation Pathway requirements.  Therefore, any student at Noblesville High School enrolled in a College Board Advanced Placement course will be required to sit for the corresponding exam.  Cumulative grade point averages will be re-calculated retroactively without the grade weight for students who do not take the exam.  The cost of AP assessments are decided by the College Board and are currently $98 with a $7 administration fee at Noblesville High School.

    • Students entering this course are expected to take the AP exam in May
    • Summer work required