Studio Art AP 3D Design Portfolio

  • Grades 11, 12

    This AP course will address three major concerns that are constants in the teaching of art: (1) a sense of quality in a student’s work; (2) the student’s concentration on a particular visual interest or problem; and (3) the student’s need for breadth of experience in the formal, technical, and expressive means of the artist.

    This portfolio is intended to address a broad interpretation of sculptural issues in depth and space. These may include mass, volume, form, plane, light and texture. Such elements and concepts may be articulated through additive, subtractive, and/or representation, abstraction, and expression may be a part of the student’s portfolio. These might include traditional sculpture, architectural models, apparel, ceramics, three-dimensional fiber arts, or metal work, among others.

    Students will be required to complete the AP required portfolio.  Cumulative grade point averages will be re-calculated retroactively without the grade weight for students who do not complete the portfolio.  The cost of AP assessments are decided by the College Board and are currently $98 with a $7 administration fee at Noblesville High School.

    Prerequisite: One year of either Ceramics or Sculpture

    • A Core 40 and AHD course
    • One year course (2 credits)
    • Weighted grade (1 point - if portfolio is completed and submitted for evaluation)
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