Searching for Scholarships

  • Noblesville High School publishes scholarship information on Canvas for our students. Using the information below please take some time and review School Specific, General and Local scholarship offerings we are aware of. 
    To access the scholarship listings without the link, follow the instructions below:
    2. Choose the course titled, "NHS Counseling 2020-21"
    3. Click "Class of 2021"
    4. Click "College Info"
    5. Scroll down and click "Scholarships & Financial Aid"
    6. Click "Scholarships" 
    Colleges & Universities (School Specific Scholarships)
    Colleges and universities represent the largest source of scholarships for students attending college.  However, the types of scholarships offered by colleges and universities, and the amount of those scholarships, vary tremendously.  Be sure to check out the financial aid and scholarship resources that are posted online by the schools you would like to attend. School Specific Scholarships we know about can be found by clicking the button below. 

    Click here for School Specific Scholarships


    Community Partnerships, Corporations, Etc. (General Scholarships)

    Many companies and organizations try to give back to students through the form of scholarships. Take a look at the list below as well as the link to specific general scholarships we are aware of.
    • Community resources (community foundations, civic associations, social and professional clubs, fraternal organizations {e.g., Elks, Moose, Kiwanis, Sertoma}, patriotic and veteran's organizations, local trust funds)
    • Parent's and student's employers
    • Faith-based organizations (churches, temples, mosques, etc.)
    • Extra-curricular organizations (4-H, Boy/Girl Scouts, musicians' organizations, civic theaters, etc.)
    • Volunteer and community service scholarships (nominated through schools and youth organizations)
    • Hospitals or other health service providers

    Click here for General Scholarships


     Local Scholarships

    Local scholarships will be posted below starting around February. Come back then and take a look!

    Click here for Local Scholarships


    Scholarships... can be found everywhere.  Avoid scams! (Links to an external site.)  You should never pay for help to find money for college.  Here are some additional places to search:
    Scholarship Search Websites
    There are many free scholarship search resources online.  Below are a few of the best ones we've found.  Remember, you should never pay for anyone to help you find scholarships.