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Noblesville Diversity Coalition

What is the Noblesville Diversity Coalition (NDC)?

The Noblesville Diversity Coalition is an independent community non-profit organization. Their mission is to educate, celebrate, challenge, and inspire Noblesville to be a welcoming and inclusive community that embraces all cultures and identities. 

What is the connection between Noblesville Schools and NDC?

NDC has representatives from Noblesville Schools, the City of Noblesville, and the Noblesville Chamber of Commerce, as well as local faith, community and business leaders.  

How is NDC content used and promoted in schools? 

NDC is an adult learning organziation and their content isn’t used in Noblesville Schools. They are an independent community organization and our curriculum comes from academic state standards delivered by professional educators.

We do share information regarding NDC learning activities and events with parents in the same manner we share other community promotions for youth sports, the library, Boys and Girls Club of Noblesville, etc.