• Defining Curriculum

    Curriculum in Noblesville Schools is the path of learning for a yearlong course or grade level content area, designed based on Indiana Academic Standards, by collaborative teacher teams, to achieve student learning of specific academic skills and concepts. The curriculum stems from Indiana Academic Standards and is guided by a backwards design process to create meaningful units of learning for students. Certified teachers at Noblesville Schools examine the Indiana Academic Standards, use a framework to plan units, and then deliver instruction with curriculum materials that support the standards. There are often questions about the difference between core curriculum materials and supplemental materials. The purpose and distinction between these two types of materials is important and explained below.

    Curricular materials are the primary resource used by teachers for instruction. Such materials may include traditional textbooks, digital texts, video, novels, workbooks, and/or other technology tools used to deliver content and instruction. The School Board approves the selection and purchase of all curriculum materials. 

    Supplemental materials are selected and used in addition to curriculum materials as needed. This might occur if a class or grade level has a particular interest that the teacher wants to honor, specific reading abilities that would be better served by additional readings, or other reasons related to student learning. Supplemental materials are generally selected by collaborative teams, and teachers receive guidance on considerations for selection.

    For more information on supplemental materials guidance, please review this document


    Designing Curriculum 

    The curriculum work that you’ll see for grades K-12 uses a backwards design process. This is an approach that helps guide teachers in creating curriculum. It helps students come to an understanding of important ideas and transfer their learning to new situations. Some of the key principles that guides teachers’ work are the following:

    1. Curriculum design starts with the Indiana Academic Standards. Teachers break down these standards, analyze them closely, and plan learning units based on the specific academic goals within the standards. 
    2. Curriculum is planned “backwards” from long-term desired results for student learning. Teachers ask themselves when planning a unit, “What desired end result do I have for my learners?” 
    3. Backwards design is a way of thinking purposefully about curriculum planning but it is not a program or specific way to teach.
    4. A primary goal of curriculum design is to develop student understanding of big ideas and promote critical thinking, not just the memorization of facts.

     Enrolling in Canvas 

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