Ms. LePere's Classroom 

    I want to welcome you to our classroom website!  We are going to have a "red carpet" year!  Our year-long theme is Hollywood Stars! You won't believe how much the students will grow and learn this year.  They are capable of amazing things!  In our classroom, social and emotional growth is just as important as academic growth.  We are definitely in this together.  We will always discuss and work on how we can be world changers by spreading kindness and respect.  We also will make safety procedures our top priority!  As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions!  I am looking forward to another super year at White River Elementary!

    7:30-7:45 Arrival Round

    7:45-8:15 AMA ROUND 1 (This is a time where I help small groups)

    8:00-8:15.  Arrival Round 2


    8:15-8:25   Community Circle         

    8:25-9:00 WRITER’S WORKSHOP


    9:00-9:25 RECESS   

    9:30-10:00  SPECIALS   (art, music, P.E., tech)             

    10:00-10:15 RESTROOM


    10:15-11:00 MATH   

    11:00-12:30  LITERACY BLOCK 


    12:30-1:00 LUNCH                                                            


    1:00-1:20 WORD WORK:


    1:20-1:30 PACK UP      

    1:30 Round 1 Dismissal

     1:30-2:00 AMA 2   (This is a time where I help small groups)        

    2:00 Round 2 Dismissal