• What do we “do” each day…


    EAGLE Time: Students will receive either remediation or enrichment instruction in literacy.


    Math: We will continue using the Everyday Math program with the students.  Students will typically have math homework every day.


    Content: Students may read Social Studies and Science information.  We may do science experiments/inquiry. We will further our studies in Social Studies and Science.


    Language & Word Study: This block focuses on reading comprehension and skills. This often includes interactive read-alouds and shared reading. Students also practice word families/skills while applying the skills within grade level text. 


    Reader’s Workshop: This has been called “Guided Reading” in the past. Teachers meet with students in small groups to work on literacy skills.  Students practice independently and with partners reading and writing while not with the teacher.


    Writer’s Workshop:  Students participate in mini-lessons and practice writing using the writing process steps: prewrite, draft, revise, edit, and publish.


    Specials: Students will rotate through a 4-day specials rotation: Art, Music, PE, and Technology.



  • Welcome to Mrs. Endicott's Home Page! We like to keep busy in second grade.
    Check out our Daily Schedule!
    8:30 First Bell ~Students enter the building
    8:40 Final Bell Rings
    8:45-9:15 Eagle Time
    9:15-10:30 Math
    10:30-11:05 Content Time
    11:05-11:55 Lunch and Recess
    11:55-12:35 Language Word Study
    12:35-1:35  Reader's Workshop
    1:35-2:35 Writer's Workshop
    2:40-3:20 Specials
    3:25 Dismissal