Welcome to Introduction to HTML

  • HTML photo This course is designed for the student with little to no working knowledge of creating HTML files. Students will be introduced to the structure of HTML documents, good markup techniques, and the concept of validation.
    Students will be required to use a plain text editor to write HTML and to use an FTP program to upload the pages to the Internet. Functional topics will include text formatting, using lists, tables, and a brief foray into CSS. Students will learn to design pages that meet Section 508 guidelines in accordance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines developed through the W3C.
    Students must have webspace where they can post their assignments. This space must not support banner ads or popup adds as this adds extra code to pages. There are a number of free services that are available on the internet.

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  • Week 1 Agenda:
    Basics of Document Structure
    1. Form the basic structure for an HTML document.
    2. Know how to insert META tags and why they are needed.
    3. Use an FTP program to transfer files to a web server.
    4. Understand and know which DOCTYPE declaration to use and why.
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