•  FAP Math
    The goal of this class is to help students learn the math skills they will need in every day life after they leave high school. The curriculum will focus on money math, checkbooks, time, measurements, and budgets.  Students will also continue to review basic facts.
    Grades are based on total points.  Assignments include bellwork, in classwork, homework, and tests/quizzes.  Most of the student’s work is completed in class.
    Basic Skills Developmen
    The goal of this class is to remediate students in both Algebra and English while providing an environment in which students are able to learn and practice good study skills.  Students will begin the block by working on either remediation of  Algebra or English skills.  Students will earn points for completion of remediation skill. The rest of the block the students will earn points for accurately filling in assignment notebook, being prepared, and having appropriate work habits while seeking out assistance when needed.   Students will also earn points for having all work completed during their bi-weekly grade check with Mrs. Griffin.  Student’s grades will be based on total points earned for the grading period.