• Mr. Jasper's Music Classes

    Beginning Guitar, Intermediate Guitar, AP Music Theory, and Songwriting and the Recording Arts

     Gtr One
     Beginning Guitar:
    Students take this class for a variety of reasons.  Some aspire to play in the intermediate and advanced guitar classes.  Some want to be able to play the music that they love.  Some want to accompany themselves when singing.  Some want to write music.  Some just think it sounds kind of fun.  It’s my goal to be able to give the students in beginning guitar all of the skills to be able to do any of these things.
     Gtr 2

    Intermediate Guitar:

    Taking up from where beginning guitar left off, this course will significantly improve students’ skill, ability, and knowledge of the guitar.  Students learn how to use fingerstyle techniques, how to move up the guitar neck, and how to write their own music.

     AP Theory

    AP Music Theory:

    AP Music Theory is a course of study that will greatly expand on the knowledge Noblesville High School musicians have gained in their performance classes.  We will study a wide variety of music, but will focus on Western tonal music.  Not only will students analyze written music, but we will also compose using music technology, transcribe music heard into written music, and also sight sing.  Upon completion of the course, students will be prepared to take the AP Music Theory Exam.

     Rec Arts

    Songwriting and the Recording Arts:

    Electronic music is a class where students will learn the art of songwriting and the craft of music production.  On one hand we will be writing music.  We’ll write lyrics, choose chord changes, build grooves, engineer beats, and create hooks.  The music we make in this class will be our own.  It will be created by you.  On the other hand we will program synthesizers, mic instruments, mix live sound, and produce an album.  In other words in this class you will need to be equal parts musician and technician.  By the end of the end of the year each of you should leave here with an album of music that you’ve collaborated on.  You might have been the mixing engineer on one song and played drums on the next. You might have written lyrics on a song and played bass on another.  We will be collaborating together to create music and record it so we can share our creativity with the world.