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  •    Hazel Dell Elementary


    Library Media Center Goals and Objectives


    The Hazel Dell Elementary LMC supports the Hazel Dell Learning Community with the following goals and outcomes:


    • To promote appreciation and love of literature in multiple technologies, formats and genres.

    • To provide opportunities for collaborative teams of the media specialist and teachers to incorporate multiple literacies into inquiry-based instruction.

    • To teach and equip students how to apply their learning to outside library settings.

    • To provide materials and services which meet the informational and recreational needs of the learning community.


    The LMC goals will be met by facilitating the following student outcomes: 


    • Students will demonstrate the ability to locate information and materials in the LMC by using online search tools along with directional clues within the library.

    • Students will read recreationally and for learning using appropriate self-selected texts.

    • Students will demonstrate the ability to select and effectively use materials that best meet their research needs.