• Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) is…

    • Collaborative, assessment-based approach to developing effective interventions for problem behavior
    •  Emphasizes the use of proactive, educative, and reinforcement-based strategies to achieve meaningful and durable behavior and lifestyle outcomes
    •  Aim is to build effective environments in which positive behavior is more effective than problem behavior 



    Elements of School-wide PBIS

    • Establish a team/faculty buy-in
    • Establish a data-based decision-making system
    • Modify discipline referral process/forms
    • Establish expectations & rules
    • Develop lesson plans & teach
    • Create a reward/incentives program
    • Refine consequences
    • Monitor, evaluate, and modify

    Results of School-wide PBIS

    When PBIS strategies are implemented school-wide, students with and without disabilities benefit by having an environment that is conducive to learning

     All individuals (students, staff, teachers, parents) learn more about their own behavior, learn to work together, and support each other as a community of learners

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