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     July 2021

    Dear Parents,

    Welcome back to Noblesville Schools as we embark on the 2021-2022 school year.  In the coming year, we realize that Covid-19 presents its own unique challenges, but please know we are all working to ensure students and staff have a safe and healthy return to school.  As a reminder, our School Nursing team are members of the Community Health Network Nursing Department. We are pleased to offer expanded health resources to the children and families within Noblesville Schools.  


    Regarding COVID-19 signs and symptoms onset while at school, the school nurses are following CDC recommendations that include several symptoms that can be linked to seasonal allergies, common cold, etc.  Currently, one or more of the signs or symptoms related to COVID-19 will cause an evaluation by school nursing staff, possibly a call to a parent to discuss and ultimately, decisions based on facts known at that time.  IF you have a student with seasonal allergies or another health condition where symptoms mirror those of COVID, we would appreciate a note from the student’s healthcare provider stating those facts. When a student is released home due to COVID-19 signs or symptoms, we will recommend the student be seen for medical evaluation for a possible alternate diagnosis.
    While not an exact science, our goal is to keep our students and staff healthy and safe while in school.  To do that effectively, it’s likely we will screen more students out to home as a precaution.
    For additional questions or concerns, please reach out to your local building school nurse or visit our COVID information section.

    Consent/HIPAA Authorization for School Nurse To Treat.  A electronically signed Consent To Treat must be on file annually in order for a student to receive medical care by a Community Health Network school nurse.  The Consent/HIPAA Authorization School Nurse Health Clinic Services is located in electronic enrollment link.

    Health Concerns:  If your child has any health concerns, please let the school nurse know.  We can discuss how the nurse can support your child while at school.

    Illness: Good attendance is vital for learning; however, if your student is sick, please keep him/her home and call the office to report his/her absence for that day.  A student should be fever free (without the use of fever-reducing medication) and not vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours before returning to school.  This is for their health as well as for the health and well-being of the other students and staff.

    Immunizations:  As school nurses, one of our priorities during enrollment is each student's immunization record.  Indiana State Law requires parents to provide the school with a current record of their child's immunizations.  A complete immunization record or exemption must be on file in the nurse clinic.  Please call your doctor to complete your child's immunization before the summer rush.  For questions on immunization requirements, please stop in the school’s clinic or call your school nurse.

    Medication: Per policy 5330, Noblesville Schools defines medications as FDA-approved medicines, including those prescribed and non-prescribed (over the counter) drugs, preparations, and/or remedies.

    All medication must be delivered to the school nurse by a parent/guardian along with a signed parent permission form. 

    For prescription medication- it must be in a prescription bottle with the most current dosing information and the student's name on the label along with a written order from your medical provider.

    For student’s personal over the counter medication- it must be in the original package with the dosing information present. The nurse can only give the medication as directed on the manufacturer’s package label.   If your medical provider has ordered your child to take the medication in a different manner than the label instructs, the school nurse will need a prescription order from your medical provider.      

    Non-prescription medications purchased and administered by Noblesville Schools. The school board policy allows students with parent permission form on file to receive stocked medication. If it would become necessary for your child to take in order for them to remain at school, the school will provide up to four doses of specified medications throughout the school year.   So as not to interrupt the school’s schedule, the availability will be 9am – 2pm for elementary students and 10am - 3pm for secondary students. The school nurse will let you know if personal medication will be needed at school if four doses are used for your child. 

    Medical Forms/Health information:  We encourage you to visit the Noblesville Schools Health Services Department website ( for health information and medical forms or your local school nurse clinic.

    As always, the health of your child is of utmost importance to us.  Please do not hesitate to contact your Community Health Network School Nurse with any questions or concerns you may have.

    Best wishes for a healthy school year,

    Sandy Burnette, BSN, RN                                                                       

    Nursing Coordinator                                                                           

    Noblesville Schools