Transportation Department

  • 19790 Hague Road
    Noblesville, IN 46062 

    Phone: 317-773-7203           
    Fax:  317-776-7790

    Brian Zachery, Director of Transportation

Bus Routes

  •  Noblesville Schools uses VersaTrans e-Link, an online transportation information system, to allow parents to find bus stop locations, bus numbers, and approximate pick-up and drop-off times for their children.

    You will be able to access your child’s bus route information here by following these instructions. You must have your student ID (lunch number) number to be able to use this program. It is located in the PowerSchool parent portal.

    1. Visit the e-Link portal:

    2. For the User Name you will enter in your child’s Student ID Number. If you sign into the PowerSchool Parent Portal (Click here to log into PowerSchool), at the top of the home page for Grades and Attendance you will see your child's Student ID Number.


    If you need assistance with logging in to PowerSchool to obtain your child’s Student ID Number, please call your child’s individual school.

    3. For the Password you will enter your child’s Student ID Number a second time. 

    4. You will then click on “Login”

    5. Click on “Students” and then click on “View My Students”

    6. You will then click on your child’s name which will take you to a screen
    displaying your child's bus number, bus stop location, as well as their
    bus pick-up and drop-off times.

    *Please keep in mind that due to road conditions, traffic, and other unforeseen circumstances, these times may vary by a few minutes on either side.

     Please e-mail if your student does not ride a bus to school, from school, or both. This will help us plan our routes more accurately and efficiently. If at any time you decide you would like your child to start riding the bus, please let us know and we will make changes to the route to accommodate.  

    Also, please let us know if your child has a pick-up and/or drop-off location that is different than your home address.

    If your student uses special needs transportation, you will receive a phone call with your bus information. 

    Questions or concerns can be sent to the Transportation department at:


    Top Ten Transportation Tips 


    1. Check your student’s information in the PowerSchool parent portal to make sure your addresses, phone numbers and emails are up to date. Bus assignments are based on this information. 
    2. Bus route information is finalized a few days before school starts. You will receive an email at that time linking you to your child’s information. This link can also be found throughout the year on the Noblesville Schools website under “transportation”. Contact the Transportation department at if you have questions or concerns. 
    3. Notify the Transportation department at if your child has an additional address or if there is information that the bus driver needs to know about your child.  We encourage parents to connect and build a relationship with their child’s bus driver.
    4. Review and discuss the bus rules and code of conduct with your child. These can be found in the student handbooks posted on our website. 
    5. Remember that buses will typically run late the first few days of school while everyone adjusts to new routes and routines. Students will not be in trouble for arriving late to school due to the bus. 
    6. New this year- use the MyView app by Zonar to track your child’s bus and know when it is getting near your stop. Download the free app in the app store and enter access code NOB53132022.
    7. Check the school calendar and note Wednesday late arrival days. Remember that the bus will arrive 40 minutes later than it does the rest of the week.
    8. Please make note of the eLearning days during the school year when students do not attend school. 
    9. Note that students are not allowed to ride to and from school with friends. They may only ride their assigned bus to their assigned stop. The only exception is in the event of an emergency.
    10. Notify the Transportation department if your student will not be riding the bus on a certain day so we can notify the driver. If your student does not plan to ever ride the bus, please let us know so they can be removed from the route. If the situation changes and they need a bus, let us know and we will add them back to the route. 


    Keep Children Safe By Knowing When to Stop for School Buses

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