Dr. Niedermeyer Dr. Beth Niedermeyer, Superintendent
Beth Niedermeyer is responsible for working in conjunction with the school board to develop organizational vision and goals. She serves as the top executive for Noblesville Schools and leads all district operations and staff.  
Annetta Petty Annetta Petty, Executive Director of Learning
Annetta Petty is responsible for the Department of Learning, overseeing curriculum and instruction, special education, student services, and technology. Her curricular responsibilities include math, science, world languages, and business. She is also the high ability coordinator, test program coordinator, and administrator for the Title IIA grant, which supports most of the professional development activities available to educators in Noblesville Schools.
Robin Phelps Robin Phelps, Executive Director of Business
Robin Phelps is responsible for the financial and business obligations of the district including budget, financial data, payroll and benefits, accounting, business transactions, investing and insurance. She also oversees transportation, facility operations and food service.  
Mark Booth Mark Booth, Director of Special Education
Mark Booth is responsible for administrative and instructional planning, budgeting, and professional development for all aspects of special education (early childhood-22 yrs of age).
Jen Townsend Jennifer Wheat Townsend, Director of Learning
Jennifer Wheat Townsend is responsible for language arts, social studies, arts/wellness curriculum and professional development at all schools across the district. She is the Title I and English Language program coordinator and administers the Title I, Title III, and NESP grants.
Andrew Swickheimer Andrew Swickheimer, Director of Technology
Andrew Swickheimer is responsible for all aspects of administrative and instructional technology across the district including planning, budgeting, deployment, support, outreach and professional development.  
Marnie Cooke Marnie Cooke, Director of Marketing and Communications
Marnie Cooke is responsible for internal and external district communications including employee and parent communications, media relations, community outreach, strategic planning, district promotion, marketing collateral and communication advising.
Laura Denis Laura Denis,  Student Services District Administrator  
Laura Denis is responsible for the student services department, which ensures all supports are in place to allow students to focus on learning and growing. From the district perspective, she oversees a variety of areas including, but not limited to, counseling, nursing, homebound, Title IX, and Little Millers Preschool.  
Melissa Sheets Melissa Sheets, Assistant Director of Special Education
Melissa Sheets is responsible for special education for Early Childhood through 5th grade. She works with the itinerant staff through HBM Cooperative Services and also oversees the state special education data reports.