• Our Vision

    We are

    Engaged in intellectual pursuits

    Inspired to challenge the present

    Empowered to adapt, innovate, and succeed today and tomorrow

    Our Mission

    Noblesville Schools creates an inclusive, learner-centered culture that develops future-ready skills through relevant experiences supported by strong relationships that celebrate diversity and promote equity among students, staff, parents, and the community.

    Our Commitments

    Noblesville Schools is committed to:

    • Teaching students to think critically, engage in dialogue, listen, consider multiple perspectives, use their voice, and value the humanity of others
    • Promoting equity, access, participation, and honoring the rights of all students, staff and families through our policies, procedures, and practices
    • Responding to and meeting the unique needs of students, staff and families
    • Cultivating trust, valuing dignity, empathy, and respect for students, staff, and families through words and actions
    • Engaging in ongoing, relevant, equity-centered professional development to create more equitable opportunities for all
    • Recruiting, supporting, retaining, and continually developing a culturally competent staff