• The Noblesville Schools Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


    All Are Welcome

    At Noblesville Schools, we establish our policies, procedures and practices using an inclusive lens to ensure that all students, staff and families have access to what they need to be successful within our school community. We believe in creating strong relationships, honoring diversity, and promoting equity and access for all.

    We work collaboratively to create strong environments that foster and encourage conversations where varying viewpoints can be shared, valued and respected. We place a high value on accepting and encouraging diverse skills, perspectives, interests and pathways. 

    Noblesville Schools Defines


    Acknowledging and respecting the ways in which our many differences bring value to Noblesville Schools.


    Making sure all students and staff have exactly what they need to succeed.


    Including all. 


    Providing access to everyone regardless of abilities.


    Noblesville Schools Mission and Commitments 

    Noblesville Schools creates an inclusive, learner-centered culture that develops future-ready skills through relevant experiences supported by strong relationships that celebrate diversity and promote equity among students, staff, parents, and the community.

    Noblesville Schools is committed to:

    • Teaching students to think critically, engage in dialogue, listen, consider multiple perspectives, use their voice, and value the humanity of others
    • Promoting equity, access, participation, and honoring the rights of all students, staff and families through our policies, procedures, and practices
    • Responding to and meeting the unique needs of students, staff and families
    • Cultivating trust, valuing dignity, empathy, and respect for students, staff, and families through words and actions
    • Engaging in ongoing, relevant, equity-centered professional development to create more equitable opportunities for all
    • Recruiting, supporting, retaining, and continually developing a culturally competent staff