Welcome to the Little Millers Preschool Program!


    Our mission at Little Millers Preschool is to foster students' social, emotional, and academic success and instill a love of learning in a nurturing, safe, and inclusive environment. 

    We believe:

    • Every student is valued, respected, and welcome
    • Learning happens through exploration
    • Social-emotional skills are critical components of development
    • A love of learning happens through collaboration with parent

    For more information about the Little Millers Preschool including program hours, tuition costs, calendar, and our curriculum, please review our Little Millers Preschool Guidelines.

    LMP Guidelines 2022-23 School Year



    Little Millers Preschool Summer Camp 2023 is Full

    Registration for the 2023-24 School Year

    Some of the Little Millers Preschool classrooms for the 23-24 school year are currently full.  However, spots can become available quickly! Please submit an application by following the steps below in order to be added to our waiting list.  

     Go to hhttps://www.ezchildtrack.com/Noblesville/parent

    • Select the purple box on the right to register as a new parent and open an account
    • Create one family account and add your child/children to your account
    • All items with a red bar to the left are mandatory. NOTE- you will need to provide emergency contact information for 4 individuals. None of the account holders, authorized to pick up, or emergency contacts can be the same!
    • The system will prompt you with remaining directions and reminders
    • Once your application is approved, you will receive an email with your username and password 
    • There is a non-refundable registration fee due at the time of acceptance into the program

Enrollment Options & Rates for the 2023-24 (next) School Year

The Project Approach in Little Millers Preschool

  • In an effort to further align the Little Millers Preschool program across Noblesville School District, we have adopted The Project Approach for all Learners.  This approach allows learning to be an adventure and a process that leads to authentic knowledge in content areas such as math, literacy, and social studies.  Learning is not limited to the project but becomes a way for children to examine the world in which they live. Through The Project Approach, children will gain generalizable skills that will help them to continue to learn about other topics. 

    The goals of The Project Approach are:

    1. To empower children to become curious, purposeful, thoughtful, collaborative learners within the context of studying a project and representing their findings. 
    2. To provide flexibility in the ways information is presented to children; supporting accommodations that promote engagement by ALL children, ultimately supporting the success of all children. 
    3. To be a versatile teaching and learning approach that can be “woven into the fabric of the daily schedule” and supplement curriculum and Early Learning Foundations. 
    4. To be consistent with the precepts of early learning and to create a community of children working together to explore the project and engage in shared discussion, problem-solving, and collaboration. 
    5. Help teachers to develop new insights about their role and to strengthen their disposition to be flexible and responsive to children’s ideas and interests.

    **(From The Project Approach for all Learners by Sallee J. Beneke, Michaelene M. Ostrosky & Lilian G. Katz)

    This approach to teaching and learning allows each Little Millers Preschool classroom community to concentrate on the topics that interest their specific cohort while continuing to align Indiana's Early Learning Foundations across the program at large. 


Special Education Preschool

  • If your student has an IEP or is transitioning from the First Steps Program, please contact Kristen Hope for more information. 

School Boundary Map

  • Residents living within the Noblesville School district boundaries may send their student to any of the 7 Little Millers Preschool locations.  However, click here and enter your home address to see which location will be your child's future kindergarten school. 

More Registration Information

Winter Weather

  • When Noblesville Schools are closed due to inclement weather or emergency conditions or implement an eLearning day, the Little Millers Preschool program will also be closed.  When a two-hour delay is called due to inclement weather or emergency conditions, the Little Millers Preschool program will be open on a one-hour delay.  On two-hour delay mornings, Little Millers Preschool will open one hour later at 7:30 a.m. at all locations.