• SOC System Of Care
    Our Vision for a healthy Hamilton County is all families have awareness of and immediate access to a balance of appropriate services and natural supports in a collaborative and coordinated community.


     Everyone moving in the same direction to meet the unmet social and emotional needs of the community.  
    Core Values:
    • Family Driven
    • Youth Guided
    • Cultural and Linguistic Competence
    • Individualized and Community Based
    • Evidence Based
    Involved Entities: 
    • Aspire
    • HBM
    • Hamilton Southeastern Schools
    • Carmel Clay Schools
    • Westfield Washington Schools
    • Hamilton Heights Schools
    • Sheridan Community Schools
    • Noblesville Schools
    • Hamilton County Department of Child Services
    • Indiana Department of Mental Health And Addictions
    • Children’s Bureau
    • Prevail
    • About Special Kids
    • The ARC
    • In Source
    • Autism Society of Indiana
    • Indiana Resource Center for Autism
    • Partnership for a Healthy Hamilton County
    • Chaucie’s Place
    • Choices
    • Juvenile Justice
    • Hamilton County Health Department

     For more information:

    Information at the national level


    Information at the state level. 


    Email Terri Miller for more information.