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    Through topics like robotics, 3D printing, and DNA and crime scene analysis, middle school students engage their natural curiosity and imagination in creative problem solving. PLTW’s Gateway program is a strong foundation for further STEM learning in high school and beyond, challenging students to solve real-world challenges, such as reverse engineering and programming. Using the same advanced software and tools as those used by the world’s leading companies, students learn how to apply math, science, technology, and engineering to their everyday lives.

    At NEMS 6th graders will complete Design and Modeling, 7th grade receives Automation and Robotics, and 8th graders become Medical Detectives. 

    6th Grade - Design & Modeling

    We look at what it means to be an innovative engineer, the importance of the design process, and the basics of computer aided drafting (CAD). They reverse engineer real life objects by applying both measurement and CAD skills. And we a complete a furniture design problem with creativity, the design process, sketching abilities, and the CAD software. 

    7th Grade - Automation & Robotics

    Students examine the relevance and impact of automation and robotics in their lives then get to build their own automated systems. We learn and construct all types of mechanisms then acquire programming knowledge. Students then synthesize that mechanism and programming knowledge by building robots to solve specific problems.

    8th Grade - Medical Detectives

    Students play the role of real-life medical detectives as they analyze genetic testing results to diagnose disease and study DNA evidence found at a “crime scene.” They solve medical mysteries through hands-on projects and labs, investigate how to measure and interpret vital signs, and learn how the systems of the human body work together to maintain health.