• Ms. Hanrahan's Science Classroom
    7:35-8:15           1st    Prep or Team meeting
    8:20-9:00           2nd  Prep or Science Department 
    9:05-9:53           3rd   science class
    9:56-10:45         4th    advanced science class
    10:45-11:15       Lunch 
    11:20-12:12       5th   science class
    12:15-1:06         6th   science class
    1:09-2:00           7th   science class
    2:05-2:35           Student Learning Time
    ASSIGNMENTS: Soon this will have a link to the team's homework slide!
    Welcome!  I'm looking forward to an exciting school year on the Northwestern team!
    In 8th grade science we use the workbooks in the following order:  Chemistry, Genetics, Forces and Motion, and Sound and Light. 

    I grade my class with the following weights: 
    Lab/projects = 40% 
    Tests/Quizzes = 40% 
    Homework/classwork = 20%
    Science is a very hands-on subject with many in-class projects and activities to help students deeply understand science concepts.  In-class activities allow for students' deeper learning when accompanied with the responsibility to complete homework when it is assigned.
    We will start the year off with Chemistry studying atoms, the periodic table, and bonding.  After that we will spend some time learning about chemical reactions, acids, and bases.  This part of class involves a lot of abstract thought, some come ready to think outside the box!
    The genetics portion of the year is an important introduction to freshman biology.  We will learn about genetics/DNA, heredity, and Darwinian Evolution.
    In physics we will learn about forces, motion, electricity, and magnetism.  We will be learning a lot about Newton's laws through a rocket building project/launching, and we will be building circuits while we learn about electricity.  This part of class DOES involve a bit of math, so be prepared for that!
    Sound and Light
    Through this topic we will be learning some basics about the properties of sound and light, and how they travel through space.  
    Absent Work
    Students who are absent the day that graded assignments are turned in will be allowed one make-up day for each day missed.  Assignments missed can be found in a folder by the door, and also on Canvas!
    Missing Assignments
    Students are responsible for monitoring their grades, and should make up any missing work ASAP!  CHECK THE "NO NAME" AREA IF YOU ARE SURE YOU TURNED IT IN.


  • Hello and welcome to my classroom page.  This page, along with the canvas course, is a great way to stay on top of assignments and receive announcements from me.  I'm looking forward to an exciting, energetic year on team Northwestern!  
    Go Millers! 
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