• Ms. Chloe Richardson's Classroom 
    email: chloe_richardson@nobl.k12.in.us 
    6th Grade Schedule 
    Period 1:    7:35-8:40                     
    Period 2:   8:43-9:45
    Period 3:   9:48-10:50        
    Period 4:   10:53-11:55                
    Lunch:       11:55-12:25              
    Diversified Arts/Wellness:   12:30-1:10            
    Diversified Arts/Wellness:   1:15-1:55          
    Student Learning Time (SLT) 2:00-2:30
    Dismissal 2:35
    The Miller Way
    This year, students have been introduced to a school wide initiative called "The Miller Way."  Its purpose is to teach students the appropriate ways of interacting in the classroom, hallway, cafeteria, restrooms, and on buses.  There are three main components to this way of thinking and behaving: Be Ready to Learn, Be Responsible and Safe and Be Respectful.  Parents are encouraged to have conversations with their students regarding this philosophy.
    Grading Policy 
    Grades will be based on total points. The scores for homework, in-class practice, and quizzes will appear in Powerschool quickly after they are collected. The scores for papers, large tests, in class assessments and projects will appear in Powerschool a few days/weeks after they are collected. Your patience is appreciated during these grading windows. If a student is missing an assignment,  the comment "missing" and possibly a zero score,  will appear in Powerschool until the assignment is submitted.  The zero will skew the student's grade until the missing work is submitted, graded, and updated.  If a student submits a late assignment, the assignment will be marked in the gradebook as such. Any questions about grades or assignments will most easily be answered by me via email. 
    Grading Scale 
    100%-90% A 
    89%-80% B
     79%-70% C 
    69%-60% D  
    Anything less than a 60 is an F 
    Click on the link below to access the Stanford homework link: