Stephen Harmas
    6th Grade Science Denali 
    Noblesville West Middle School  
     Welcome to 6th grade Science on the Denali team. I am very excited to start this year off on a great note. Communication is key when it comes to the success of our child and I want nothing but success and growth for each and every one of my students in and out of the classroom. This is the first year that your child will be out of the elementary school and in a new environment. I hope that together we can make this and comfortable and smooth transition for these young minds. If you have any problems of concerns feel free to contact me and I will be more than willing to try and help in any way I can. Sixth grade science delves into a little bit of everything in the science world, from atoms and matter to food chains and energy.

     Classroom Expectations

     Students will be expected to bring all of their materials and work that will be needed for class. All I ask for is that students do their best in the class and if they need any extra help to vocalize this concern so that I may be able to help. I have three rules in my classroom. These rules are short but each student is expected to follow these rules. They are: Be Respectful( of not only adults but of other students), Be Responsible( this includes having materials, homework and paying attention in class), and finally being prepared( this means being ready to learn when each student walks into our classroom).

     Each day in class, students should have:


    -Ear buds

    -Pencils and grading pens with pencil bag

    -Hand held pencil sharpener 


    -Paper for note-taking

    -Science folder/binder

    -Positive attitude

     A stylus will be provided to each student but if the student loses that stylus then they could buy a new one, which the Middle School provides or they can bring their own. If the student does not like to use a stylus then uses their finger is an option as well.

     Assessments and Homework

    Homework is 25% of the student’s grade and the other 75% is made up of any assessment (test/quiz) that is given. Students are responsible to do their homework and to bring it with them when the homework is due. Not bringing in homework in on it’s due date can lead to no points being given or partial credit depending on my discretion.

    It is also important for students to study this year for any test or quizzes that may be given. I will make sure that you and your child are informed well in advance to when tests will be so that they will have plenty of time to study and be well prepared. 



     If your child misses school then they will be responsible to make up any of the work they missed. Students are given one day for every day that they are absent to make up this work. If it is not then students will receive no/partial credit depending on the circumstances.


    Important information

    Google Drive Log in Information for Students

    E-mail:  Example


    Password:  Student computer password (It is written on your child's schedule) 


    Canvas Log in for Students

    Username: student lunch code

    Password: computer password


     Here are some apps that we use or are going to use in class this year.  The students can start downloading the apps on their iPad if they want to.  Here is a list so far:





    Canvas App

    Canvas Web 

    Google Drive


    Scholastic Magazines




    Fotopedia Heritage